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Flatware Cutlery from Pavlovsky Plant named after Kirov

Flatware Cutlery from Pavlovsky Plant named after Kirov

In 1887, Alexander Genrikhovich Stange appeared in the village of Pavlovo - the son of a Russified German, a graduate and gold medalist of the University of Derpa.

Infatuating Pavlovsk residents with his enthusiasm, the innovator created the Pavlovsk artisanal artel in 1890, which became the prototype of modern joint-stock companies, since the initial capital consisted of the funds of shareholders - members of the artel.

The first great success came already in 1900, when the artel received a gold medal following the results of the Russian-French exhibition in Paris.

As the years passed, the artel increased its production of traditional goods for these places: tableware and kitchen utensils, locks, crockery and household items.

Manufacturing products of consistently high quality at various Russian and international industrial exhibitions held before the First World War, the artel was awarded 9 gold and 13 silver medals.

Despite the difficult times in the history of our state, the leadership of the artel managed to find ways for the normal work of the artel, both in peacetime and in war years.

In Soviet times, an enterprise with a full production cycle from development to production of finished products grew out of a handicraft artel. And in 1944, the artel named after. Shtange was renamed Artel named after Kirov, in 1956 in the plant them. Kirov.

As time went on, the enterprise became the largest manufacturer of cutlery and kitchen utensils in the Soviet Union. For high production achievements in 1971, the plant. Kirov was awarded a high state award - the Order of the Badge of Honor, which was at that time a great rarity among enterprises belonging to the Ministry of Local Industry.

In 1992 the enterprise was transformed into an open joint stock company, and in 1994 an addition appeared in the name of the plant. On the basis of the decision of the regional art-expert council, the enterprise was assigned to the category of folk art crafts and since that time it has been renamed OJSC “Pavlovsk Order of the Badge of Honor, the plant of art metal products named after Kirov ".

Taking into account the uniqueness of the enterprise, which is expressed in the continuation of the traditions of the traditional metalworking industry, in 2002, by the decree of the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the plant was assigned the status of "an enterprise of folk arts and crafts, which is of significant cultural and historical value."

Over the past decade, the company has been actively undergoing structural transformations. Technological processes are being modernized, modern equipment is being purchased. This allows us to constantly expand the range of products. Every year, new lines of cutlery appear, the design of which is developed on the basis of Russian traditional ornament. The production of tableware made of 925 sterling silver was resumed, as well as the traditional type of decorative coating - blackening.

We would especially like to note the fact that for the second time in its history the company was entrusted with the right to produce cutlery with Olympic symbols. For the first time in the distant 80th year for the Summer Olympics in Moscow, and now, for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Another sporting event did not take place without the participation of the enterprise - the release of licensed products for the youth games "Universiade in Kazan 2013".

Currently, the company is the largest manufacturer of cutlery in Russia and the CIS. He is a regular participant in major specialized exhibitions.

Today the enterprise produces more than 350 items of products in various configurations, which is about 30% of the total market of domestic manufacturers of similar products.

Thanks to modern technologies and a traditional approach, the products of the plant named after. Kirov are beautiful and practical, and compliance with GOST, the presence of a sanitary and hygienic certificate, as well as the environmental friendliness of materials makes our products safe for long-term daily use.

In the vast expanses of the ex-Soviet Union you can hardly find  family who doesn’t have cutlery from Pavlovo-on-Oka in the kitchen.

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